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Your personal assistant in Blockchain.


What is Daneel ? Play the video.

Daneel assists you in your daily crypto investment

Daneel is a personal assistant using IBM Watson technology, one of the most efficient artificial intelligence platforms on the market. Daneel has your back, supporting you by offering daily assistance in the world of cryptocurrency. He will be able to :
- Understand you and interact with you,
- Keep you informed in real-time, with quality and reliable information,
- Identify and capture the different emotions of the market.

Save time

Get the most reliable cryptocurrency news, signals, real-time data and market emotion analysis at a glance!

Be alerted

Fear uncertainty and doubt? Fear of missing out? Daneel keeps you informed with real-time data and market analysis, warning you when your investments is at risk.

Follow trends

He will also support you with daily advice on your investments and on market trends thanks to personally-tailored indicators.

Stay informed

Daneel searches, browses, collects and analyses different sources of information, available from various online channels: news feeds, general media, specialized media and social networks.

Get all the important data in one place, such as :
- Market infos and rates
- Cryptocurrency news
- Upcoming / Trending ICOs
- New indicators (confidence score, emotions, and more)

Sentiment and Emotion analysis

Our artificial intelligence collects messages posted on social networks, then analyses them and conveys the predominant online sentiments surrounding a cryptocurrency to the user. This way, you can more easily detect «a pump» or growing doubts surrounding a cryptocurrency, and be up-to-date and informed every time you make a decision.


Interact with Daneel

Could there be an easier way of obtaining information than simply asking for it? To get Daneel’s insights, all you need to do is to express a request.
Our A.I searches for the information best suited to your research, and the results are then easily communicated back to you. The system may also offer quick choice actions in response to certain demands, in order to help you save time. Based on the “Machine Learning” principle, the system will learn continuously: the more users pose questions, the more accurate and insightful the answers will become!

Hello Daneel, can you tell me how people feel about the Ripple project?

Daneel - Your personal A.I. assistant in cryptocurrency

Our goal is to make Daneel as personalised as possible for each user - a personal cryptocurrency assistant of this kind doesn’t currently exist! We would like to make every experience unique, enabling Daneel to provide the best possible advice to every user, considering their unique situations and preferences.


A powerful A.I. using IBM Watson

« Watson is an intelligent system that applies advanced technologies for information retrieval, knowledge representation, and automated reasoning. »
Daneel is a registered member of IBM Partnerworld : this commercial partnership forms an important part of our accelerated development strategy and gives us, through long-term and sustained relationships, a real competitive advantage for our intelligent assistant.

The DAN token

Our service is built on Ethereum Blockchain : Daneel token is an ERC20 token.
Benefit from the reliability of the Ethereum network for Daneel ecosystem transactions.
DAN tokens will be at the heart of the use of our intelligent assistant service : subscription, content proposal, rewards, and more.

  • Monthly subscription

    Daneel’s application and services will be accessible exclusively to registered users. Two types of subscription will be available : Free and Premium.

  • Erosion mechanism

    Every time a user pays for a subscription, a principle of “erosion” will be applied and 6% of the retrieved DANs will be burned.

  • Tradeable token

    DAN token is be tradeable on exchanges : 319-638-1188, 770-342-2394, EtherDelta, and IDEX, DDEX.

Our long term vision

Q2 & Q3 2018

Recruitment campaign,
Initiating the works on the reliability of data sources,
Development of the automated BigData system for harvesting and analyzing information,
Development of the mobile application (iOS & Android),
Continuous updates on Daneel’s progress.

Q4 2018

Development of conversational intelligence,
Launch of the application’s beta test phase,
Submitting the iOS and Android app to the respective stores,
Meetings and events with Daneel's community.

Q1 & Q2 2019

Improvement of the conversational intelligence system,
Development of fast actions: placing orders in one click, sending funds,
Analysis of the impact of news and market sentiment on the market,
Development of predictive functionalities.

Q3 & Q4 2019

Continuous improvement of Daneel A.I and mobile application,
Open API to developers and partners,
Daneel A.I integration on partners services.

Our partners

What people are saying about Daneel

  • As a beginner I don’t know where to look - I can ask Daneel with my own words !
    Sean M.
    United Kingdom
  • Daneel is what I need to make the best investments in crypto currencies.
    Shin K.
    South Korea
  • Personally I love the idea, I spend hours looking for good information every day, I see Daneel as a tool that can speed this up.
    Keith Wareing
    Crypto Youtuber

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daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Joseph Bedminster
CEO, Founder
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Harold Kinet
Comunication director
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Fabien Ducoudray
Marketing director, partnerships
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Nicolas Surleau
CTO / Machine learning developer
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Benjamin Marle
Data scientist / Machine learning developer
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Guillaume Guerin
Blockchain developer
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Henri Fardeau
Full stack developer
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Hugo Arnaud
Full stack developer
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Mohamed Darwish
General community manager


daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Christophe Guittet
Manager at IBM Watson and Cognitive Business Solutions
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Jean-michel Billaut
Founder of L’atelier BNP Paribas, entrepreneur
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Jonathan Fianu
Director at PredictX (A.I), entrepreneur
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Will Bryant
Director at American Express
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Vidal Chriqui
Blockchain specialist, Inventor of ERC808 (Ethereum protocol)
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Pierre Fertout
Teacher at ESSEC, Founder at StartupStudio
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Konstantin Denisenko
CTO at Cryptorobotics
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Alexandre Lacour
CTOPartners, mentor at IONIS361 incubator
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Jean-Hugues Lauret
Serial-Entrepreneur (energy, telco, blockchain)
daneel team cryptocurrency assistant
Selim Rinaz
R&D Lead developer at Co-Labs